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If you live in Orange County or Los Angeles County,  Southern California, we offer private consultation to homeowners who wish more direct help. All design work is done by expert rearrangement specialist, Barbara Jennings (whose decorating ebooks are featured at our sister web site, Decorate-Redecorate.com).  

Please fill out the form below to contact us for personalized, private consultations in your home, redecorating using the furnishings you already have. We guarantee that you will be thrilled with your home make over.  It takes usually 3-4 hours to completely redesign a room, but we will stay all day if necessary. We offer a simple one hour consultation first so that you can decide if a complete room makeover is right for you or not. So that we will be able to help you most efficiently, please fill out the brief form below. Thank you. Please bookmark this site and tell your friends.

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