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Some Book Reviews

Miami Herald Review

"Book helps you create whatever wall you want"

"Do people think your decorating ideas are a bit off the wall? Are you being driven up the wall by pounding six extra nails in the wall while trying to hang a picture on the wall?

If so, hang in there. Help is on the way. Accessory design specialist Barbara Jennings has released a 128-page book, Where There's a Wall -- There's a Way.

She not only explains 20 design techniques that will help you create an attractive wall arrangement, but she also includes 101 line drawings of wall grouping ideas for small walls, large walls, narrow walls, stairway walls and cathedral ceiling walls. She shows, step by step, how to effectively coordinate pictures, plants, shelves, mirrors, lamps, pottery, clocks and art objects.

'Most people don't realize the importance of good placement,' said Jennings. 'All too often they have an improper mix, their spacing is erratic and too far apart, they don't understand proportion and balance, and their groupings are not properly hung in relationship to nearby furniture.'

A major benefit for readers is the inclusion of the dimensions for pictures that she used in her line drawings. 'I've chosen the most popular sizes available from local galleries or framers,' she explains. 'This feature helps the reader understand proper positioning when hanging several pictures together in the same grouping.'

The book also includes a separate set of individual line drawings of each of the items used in the 101 illustrated ideas."

Daily Pilot Review

"Book illustrates 101 ways to arrange pictures and other wall hangings"

"Have you ever bought the perfect picture only to find when you got it home that it didn't look just right hanging on the wall? Have you ever decided you wanted to arrange a gallery wall or grouping but didn't know where to begin?

Every individual who has decorated a home or apartment has run into these problems at some time or other.

Barbara Jennings of Huntington Beach has authored a 128-page book called Where There's a Wall -- There's a Way. It was immediately popular among professionals nationwide as it illustrates 101 wall arrangement ideas.

Beginning with basic arrangements using standard sized pictures, the book gradually incorporates other decor elements, such as mirrors, lamps, shelves, plants and wall clocks. The range of ideas covers symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements to be hung above furniture, as well as ideas for hallways, staircases and gallery groupings.

Tips on design rules, such as proportion, scale, balance, rhythm, color, variety, texture, focal points, size and unity are included, as well as suggestions for hanging the finished arrangements with ease.

The author has 20 year's experience as a freelance graphic designer, artist, corporate art consultant and furniture arrangement specialist and has taught hundreds of women how to manage their own accessory design businesses."

Decor Magazine Review

"Get 101 illustrated ideas on how to create beautiful wall groupings for your home or office in this one-of-a-kind specialty book titled, "Where There's a Wall -- There's a Way", which can only be purchased directly from the author, Barbara Jennings. Learn how to incorporate framed art, shelves, plants, mirrors and art objects into spectacular wall groupings. Discover the secrets designers use to make elaborate, breathtakingly unique groupings. From the simple to the very complex, this book will take the fear out of the most complex ideas. Find out how to hang art quickly and easily.

Create elaborate groupings like this. Learn about focal points, balance, unity, variety, scale, proportion, line, geometric shapes and so forth. Use the easily reproducible templates at the back of the book to plan your own groupings on paper before you commit to anything."

How to Order
Read the reviews by the Miami Herald and the Daily Pilot above and by Decor Magazine for more information and their endorsement of the book.

This book has been used by several interior design departments at major universities as a textbook. To order your copy, click on the links below or send your name and address, together with $19.95 (plus $4.95 shipping/handling), to: decorate-redecorate.com, 19581 Topeka Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92646. 60-day money back guarantee if you are not delighted.

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