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More Before & After Pictures

Just in case you want to see some more pictures of homes that I have redecorated, just using the furnishings that my client's already own, here are some more pictures. This site has a lot of pictures, which take longer to download. Please be patient. They will really give you a great visual of what you need to know. 

I have specialized since 1986
in the home one day redecorating concept of rearranging the furniture and accessories that my client's have already, instead of the traditional method of interior designers and decorators who want clients to scrap all of their furnishings and invest in new products, which naturally they would sell to them.

bulletOne day redecorating saves you money
bulletOne day redecorating is quick - an entire room can be completely rearranged and redecorated before sunset - most rooms take less than 3-4 hours
bulletOne day redecorating is affordable to most people - most times nothing new needs to be purchased
bulletOne day redecorating is a no-risk consultation service - we guarantee your complete satisfaction

Here are some examples of the one day redecorating concept at work.

redecorating apartment

AFTER at 11:00 AM
rearranging apartment

Whether it's a living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, bath or bedroom, we do it all, guaranteed!

redecorating apartment

AFTER at 3:00 PM
rearranging apartment

bulletDon't live one day more in a home that doesn't feel good
bulletMost design problems are simply a matter of placement, not of the furnishings themselves
bulletWe never make any judgments on your present circumstances - so don't feel embarrassed or shy
bulletYour friends and family probably won't tell you that your home needs help - they don't want to hurt your feelings
bulletOften family and friends don't know how to fix the situation, so only rely on professional guidance.

I have always enjoyed the praise and thankfulness of my many and varied clients.  I'm confident I can help just about any homeowner or renter improve the ambience, functionality and appeal of just about any room presented to me.

So don't delay. Call now at (714) 963-3071 or send me an email me at biz@one-day-decor.com. I'll be happy to answer all your questions. For immediate answers, please check out my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Click on the link at the top right of this page.

Happy redecorating!

Barbara Jennings


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