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Use What You Own Decorating!

One Day Redecorating! It's quick, easy and affordable! Go from ordinary at sunrise to stunning by sunset!

By sunset you could have a room in your home completely and professionally redecorated, just by using the furnishings you already own! You can go from ordinary in the morning to extraordinary by sunset, guaranteed!  

Hi, my name is Barbara Jennings, and I have been a professional furniture and accessory re-arranger since 1986, when I became the West Coast's pioneer in the one day decorating/redecorating concept.

If you're looking for training in the one day decorating concept so that you can create an exceptional home yourself, then please visit our sister site:  Decorate-Redecorate.Com.

But if learning how to do it for yourself is not your thing, and you live in Orange County, California and want personalized, private help, then read on.

Within 3-4 hours, I can transform
just about any room in your home instantly, simply by rearranging the furnishings you already have, so there's usually nothing new you have to buy.  

bulletYou get a fresh, inviting, visually appealing and creative arrangement for the room of your choice
bulletYou get instant correction of arrangement mistakes
bulletYou get my 100% satisfaction completely risk-free guarantee
bulletYou get my 16 years of experience and expertise

And that's not all!
I'll teach you as I work, explaining why I have rearranged your furniture and accessories in the way I have, so that you understand the common mistakes most people make and how to correct them.

bulletMost people make the same mistakes, so don't feel alone.
bulletEach arrangement is unique, because your furnishings and home are also unique.
bulletThere's never any judgment made about your furnishings or your home as every person's taste is uniquely theirs and suits their personality
bulletI come alone or sometimes with an associate, so all work is done in one day or less.

I've done many types of rooms in every kind of style you can imagine - from high end million dollar homes to small run-down apartments.  There's no job too large or too small, too elite or too old, for me to improve, that is unless the client doesn't own very much.  So if you're in that category, this isn't the type of service that can help you -- I need to have sufficient amount of furniture and accessories already present in order to benefit you in this type of design service.

One-Day-Decor.com, not to be confused with other similar services, is a unique, one-of-a-kind service, created and developed by me in 1986.  It is not part of any so-called "network" or "seminar" of marginally trained rearrangement specialists. Please be careful. 

bulletDon't be fooled by copy-cat "design" firms, who really want to gut your room and pressure you in to starting all over.
bulletMake sure you're dealing with a truly experienced placement specialist.  Not all designers/decorators are equal.
bulletFurniture/accessory showroom salespeople are NOT "placement specialists" -- they are focused on selling you new furniture or their product line!
bulletDon't rely on advice from family and friends, unless they are professionals.

Please take a few minutes to check out my before and after pictures of some of the homes I have redecorated.  There is a pretty good variety to see and I think it will be worth your time.  Please be patient as some of the photographs may take a little extra time to download.

bulletYou can email me with questions (see Contact Me link above).
bulletYou can email me or call (714) 963-3071 to request an appointment, if you live in Southern California.
bulletConsultation prices vary slightly, depending on the scope of the project and the distance from my studio.
bulletI'm also a corporate art consultant/artist for businesses wishing to decorate with custom framed prints.

Please bookmark this site for future reference as I will be adding more photographs and some free decorating tips and ideas.  I hope you'll also tell your friends and family.  Happy redecorating!

Barbara Jennings

Use What You
Own to Redecorate
Your Home

25 Jam Packed Chapters
will teach you everything
you need to know
to professionally arrange your
furniture and accessories
just like professional
interior designers.
Lots of color pictures,
easy explanations!
No experience necessary.
For details, click on this link:
Furniture Arranging Training.

What Our Clients Say

"What a beautiful change Barbara Jennings made in our front living room. . . . Everything just blends together in such a way that when one walks in, they feel like they have come home. She does a terrific job."
-- H. Boyer, Huntington Beach, CA

"Barbara Jennings came to my house and started moving my furnishings around and taking things from other rooms and bringing them to new places in my house. She made my house into a new, comfortable home. . . . It's like getting a new house and I love it!"
-- B. Brockman, Huntington Beach, CA

"Barbara took my little apartment and made it into a home. I am so pleased with the work she did in just a short time. Her artistry and expertise is very impressive."
-- L. Harris, Costa Mesa, CA

Become a High Paid
Furniture Arranger
Earn $75-150 per hour
in your own furniture arranging business. Work from home
by appointments only.
Have creative fun rearranging
the furnishings for your clients.
No experience necessary,
but you must have a definite
flair for color and design.
This is a great low overhead
business. Get online training
at our sister site:
Redecorating Business
Online Training

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